Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My New Baby Girl Sweater

When I was pregnant with my son I crocheted an absolutely adorable sweater and hat set for him to come home from the hospital in. He took his newborn pictures in it and I have it packed away for him (it he ever wants it.) When I found I out I was having a girl the second time around I knew the sweater set I would make her simply had to be perfect. I saw the cutest pattern for a bonnet in a book and knit that. It seemed to take FOREVER and was pretty detailed.

I still needed to find a sweater pattern to match the hat. I searched and searched and finally found one on Ravelry. With a minor modification of making the long sleeves short I decided on a lovely pattern called Autumn Leaves. The top the sweater was a bit intricate and I had to frog it a few times. My official due date for Victoria's arrival was July 19, but we were expecting it to be closer to July 5. Soooo, the sweater was not ready when miss Victoria came on June 29. I actually had Matt pack the sweater in my hospital bag so I could finish it while I was recovering in the hospital. I wanted baby to wear the sweater and bonnet for her newborn pics. Yeah right. I did finish the sweater a few weeks after I got home and because of the horrible recovery I had from the c-section I never got around to taking her picture in it. Sadface. But it is beautiful. Still needs buttons though.

I plan on finishing the buttons and hanging it on a cute hanger on some sort of peg in her bedroom. One day.

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mary said...

I love it! Has Libby been able to wear the cap? The dress? Do you have pics? If so - post to FB! :)