Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spray Paint FAIL

As a loyal Thrifty Decor Chick reader, I often hear about the wonders of spray paint.  My own excursions into this medium are few.  I spray painted a hanger once (don't ask) and that's about it.

I found an amazing deal on a garden stool at Big Lots a few months ago.  The piece was a bright blue color but it was badly chipped so I passed on it.  For the next few days I couldn't get the garden stool out of my head, especially since it was just like this one from Ballard Designs selling for $139.00.

So I HAD to go back and get it.  My Big Lots version:

It had this really bad bit of scratching and chipping on it but I knew that could be fixed with some sanding:

So after what seemed like an adequate amount of sanding, I proceeded to prime then spray paint.  The picture above doesn't look like much sanding but believe me, I sanded the heck out of the chipped spot.

And you know, It doesn't look that bad from a distance, just don't get too close...

Ugh.  I guess I didn't sand it down enough :(  On top of that, I used a matte finish paint so it looks horrible compared to the Ballard stool.  I hope if I spray a glossy finish top coat over it will hide some of the blemishes.  In any case, I have it in the formal living room where it serves the purpose I want and adds some interest.