Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Before and After

I need to start taking before and after pictures.  Seriously.  When I'm indulging my other passion of decorating I take so long to think it out.  Of course some things are "prettified" much sooner than others, ie. a bookcase compared to the kitchen cabinets, but either way when the project is done and the result is "Wow!", the moment would be better shared with a before and after photo. This would also be a great idea for the hubby when he thinks I've been sitting around all day eating bon-bons.  Or writing on my blog.  I should take a picture of the house before he leaves for work and another before me and the kid start picking up about 30 minutes before he gets home.  Then he shall see that sometimes a girl needs a day or two to sit and eat bon-bons. 

Back to the task at hand.  My project will be a semi organization of the dreaded garage.  Imaginary bass drum: Boom boom boooom!

The reasons for me tackling this are three fold.  The first is to get all the small junk off the ground in the garage.

The second is to be able to use the faboosh shelves I got at Goodwill for $30.  Yes, three full size shelving units all for thirty dollars.  American currency too.


And the third reason (and most important) is to free up some space in my kitchen.  I am planning to do one of two things in there; either move canned goods from the pantry to the shelves in the garage or move my very-seldom-used appliances from a lower kitchen cabinet to the garage.  If I did the latter I would be able to move my canned goods to the newly freed lower cabinet which would then give me a whole extra shelf to use in my teeny, tiny, little pantry.  Considering the temperature gets into the hundreds in the summer I'm thinking I better keep the canned goods in the house.  Or would it even matter?  Do garbanzo beans go bad if they're in can?  Do I really want to find out?  Um, no.

So after I dropped the kid off at school and handed the baby to my dear mom, I poured myself a big cup o' joe and headed into the garage. It wasn't as bad as it seemed.  Two hours later this is what I had accomplished

Do you see that I found the opportunity to hang up our folding chairs, the umbrella stroller and the gigantic extension cord?  Divine.  Next, I cleared the canned goods out of the pantry and moved them to the garage shelves.

This allowed me to take all of my baby girls food and snacks for the kid and move them to a lower shelf in the pantry so he can get to them himself.  I am so brilliant.

I decided to get rid of a few of the seldom used appliances.  I hope someone on Craigslist will be searching for a smoothie maker and a 1960's hand mixer.  When summer comes I may have reconsider the canned goods being the garage but it works for now.

I'm really liking this before and after thing.  And I have something substantial to show hubby when he gets home.  Of course he'll probably just say I was writing on my blog all day =)

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meh said...

Ummm, I'm not sure having canned goods in the garage would be a good thing when it gets so hot. Yeah, it can affect them. Bummer! I definitely can't put any food outside our house here in the south as it gets far too hot AND we have horrible bugs. But you did an awesome job on that garage and killer deal on the shelving. Great idea to do before/after. I'm working on our guest bath and I'm doing the same thing. Fun stuff!