Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Got the Jewelry Itch

Don't you hate going into a jewelry store (not fine jewelry of course) and seeing a necklace or earrings or bracelet and just knowing that it would be so simple to make? I don't know how many times I have said that to myself. The only problem is I never seem to find the time. Well, I put down my current crochet project, which happens to be the shrug on the cover of the May/June Crochet Today, and set to making a couple of long necklaces. Quite trendy right now, you know.
This necklace is made of 4 different glass pink beads with a magnetic latch.


This is a long single strand of silver, gold and copper colored various size beads that can be doubled or worn as a bracelet. With matching earrings.

Shown below are some other earrings I have made out of various beads.

Here are some blankets I made for my son, the first is a large single crochet blanket made from Lion Brands Homespun in Tudor (soft shades of tan, cream and old rose with hints of purple and blue.) I made it when I was pregnant, before I knew he was a boy. It is so soft and cuddly, Colten loves it.
This blanket I also made when I was pregnant, but after I found out his sex. I finally finished it (Colten is 19 months now!) All that there was really left to do was weave in seemingly millions of ends. But, it's adorable! It's made from Red Hearts Classic and needs to be blocked, but I know I will never get around to doing that!

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Mary said...

Oh Kelly! I finally got a minute to snoop around the other blog (I have gone there many times looking for/at pix!) and found this blog. I had not idea you were so very into all of this and soooo talented! Oh my... I'm totally thrilled to see your beautiful work. Your Grandmother Catharine, and Great-Grandmothers, Mimi (Lela)Sheahon and Etheline Edwards would be so proud (and I believe they ARE!). They could all do anything with needles and thread or yarn. It seems that on this side of the family you and I are the only ones who really enjoy doing all of this.

I, too, have been looking at jewelry making lately. I was drooling over the beads at Hobby Lobby the other day. But we have a wedding coming up in a month (my step-daughter) and I still have lots to do with that so anything else has to take a back seat.

You are inspiring me! You go girl!!! Love, Aunt Mary