Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cabled Beanie

I ahve been crocheting for so many years now that I wanted to put my hand back into knitting for a bit. Since everything I make seems so simple I decided to challenge myself. Cables! What should I cable? Searching around on ending in finding a lovely child size cabled beanie that I decided to attempt. I found a few skeins of yarn in my stash (a huge trunk out in the garage) that were unlabeled but gorgeous colors. I honestly dont ever remember picking them up but thought the blue would be gorgeous for the beanie for Colten. The pattern is knit in the round which makes my life much more pleasant.

When I reached the first cables I was quite intimidated, looking up some how-to videos on in advance. Much to my surprise they were incredibly easy. I couldn't believe it! What a wholly simple and satisfying project. Towards the middle of the cap I felt I may run out of yarn so decided to switch to a lovely light avacado color for a few contrasting stripes. How that added to the character.

I love it, Colten loves it and it keeps his little head warm. What could be better?

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