Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My New Knitting Bag

M and I got a chance a few weeks ago to clean out the garage and low and behold I found a wonderful stash of fabric I had forgotten about! So I took a few complementary fabrics and decided to sew something. As I took in the material, I decided to make a purse for my knitting project. I kinda screwed up some, I sewed the insides to the outsides, not making a proper liner, but I did cover a piece of cardboard to stiffen the bottom. I still need to figure out what I am going to use to embellish the flap, but that will happen when I come across something perfect.

I finally finished the Tiramisu baby blanket I am making for an expecting friend. I came out fabulous if but a bit smaller than what I would have liked or what the pattern said it should be. When I did a gauge swatch it was perfect, but I guess my stitches got tighter after the first few rows of the blanket. Oh well, it shall be a stroller blanket. And I am quite proud =) Oh yes, it just needs the ribbon to be weaved through the doubles, then it shall be completely done.

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